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Airtel wanted to promote their new product offering (The Airtel Night Store) amongst their young TG set without sounding overtly advertorial and yet subtly driving home the essence of the product offering – i.e. ‘Kuch rishtey din raat nahi dekha karte’ (Some relationships do not see night or day).

The Challenge:
To promote the product in a non-advertorial fashion and yet connect with the audience emotionally.

The Concept:
We helped Airtel zero in on an Airtel user who fit their common consumer profile. After which we got him to prank his friends at 4AM in the morning. Aise kaunse rishtey hainjo din raat nahin dekhte? Our candidate was asked to put his ‘best friends’ to the litmus test unknown to them. A sticky situation and daunting obstacles were engineered to put the so-called friends to the test. The victims’ genuine reactions were captured and documented. Some balked but one guy stuck around. And he got the surprise of his life … not to mention a friend for life!

The video garnered 50,000 views on FB within 15 days. And 317,561 views on Youtube in 20 days. The Night Store was not promoted through traditional media but with nearly many users opting for the service, we like to think we had something to do with that:)

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