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The Objective

“People, today, understand the importance of security needs but are ignorant about it. Though a lot of people have heard about Godrej Security Solutions but there are many who are unaware about the products and its utility. Hence, our objective was to –
– Make category a talking point
– Educate consumers about security solutions
– Eventually, own the space of security.”

The Idea

“We articulated the campaign message through the mnemonic ‘Myth-o-logic’ i.e. busting of household security myths by giving a logical explanation to it, and ultimately prompting them to invest in smart home security solutions from Godrej. We kickstarted the campaign by identifying some of the most common myths and gave a slight twist to it.

The campaign was rolled out on Facebook – through posts and contests, where we educated and engaged users around Myth-o-Logic, and urged people to come up with some more myths that they have heard of. Some of them were made into posts – where we give them credits for their contribution.

After receiving some great response on Facebook, we thought of bringing alive the Mythologic series through a series of comic strips. Each of these stories had 2 parts to it…ie. the Myth Part and the Logical Part.

The 1st part – What happens when people believe in a myth
The 2nd part – What happens when logic is added to the same myth. This is where we integrated the product.

Our first comic strip being – “My neighbors are trustworthy. Whenever I go out I am confident that they will keep a watch on my doorstep.”

We collaborated with renowned comic book artist, ‘Saumin Patel’ to create the interactive motion comic. The interesting part of this motion comic is that it rewinds the story on the very same page to show a completely different outcome, and how Godrej Security Solutions can be more effective for home.”

The Outcome

The campaign received over 50,000+ interactions on Facebook and Twitter with 27, 658 (and counting) views on the comic strip on microsite. Many online communities, bloggers and publishers like ‘The Logical Indian’ spoke about it, giving it a big round of applause. Overall, we achieved our goal and increased product sales.

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