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The Objective

Barely 5% of India is actually disabled friendly with appropriate facilities. For the differently abled every day is a challenge and no one wonders why? HR & Johnson, one of India’s largest tile manufacturers, decided to change this mindset by asking the simple question why can’t India be more disabled friendly? The result was the Red Ramp Project
– an initiative that aims to make public spaces accessible to all.

The Idea

“Triggered by a short film and a robust social media plan, the RED RAMP online petition is still garnering support even as you view this. From getting people to proactively identify places that need ramps to sharing stories and creating a petition to make India more accessible –the RED RAMP PROJECT leveraged social media to create conversations and heighten awareness as well. In addition to this: – We got people to proactively identify neighbourhoods and spaces that need better access. To do so we created the first ever Geotagging feature of its kind in India.
– By harnessing the analytics of Google Mapping we are got people across India to tag places they feel ought to be more accessible to all.
– Going beyond the petition, we decided to get people involved from the ground striking up conversations, using the hashtag Red Ramp Project, and by getting people to share their stories.”

The Outcome

The project was extensively covered by the media. We got such a whooping response that the media mentions could not be listed in a short para, hence we got a dedicated page created for the same. To get a thorough glance at the mentions, visit

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