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With the launch of Intel’s new Look Inside campaign, we thought of introducing the concept of video branded content to support the campaign. Intel is a brand known for its constant innovation, for pushing the envelope and looking beyond, looking inside. Extending this thought to avenues where people get a glimpse of innovation by looking inside was the main objective of this digital campaign.

This video was creafted, scripted, written and produced with innovative film makers and vision, with the intention of being clutter breaking and premiere in terms of messaging and production. Using Mumbai’s infamous slum dwelling, Dharavi seemed the obvious start, as that fitted the overall though of Look Inside. Adding the human touch element gave the video a new dimension of realism and lent itself to the story being told through the video. The video focused on a team of locals who started a venture, that informed educated and conducted tours within the local slum, showing off the businesses, daily workings and innovation that took place when one looked inside the world of Dharavi.

The campaign was met with tremendous appreciation and the elements nascent to India’s cultural footprint were amplified manifold
through Intel’s interpretation. In one month, the video garnered over 300,000 unique video views organically

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