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The Objective

M&M Ltd., India’s leading SUV manufacturer, launched an upgraded version of their best-selling SUV. The New Age XUV5OO featured a host of cutting-edge features, an enhanced driving experience and even more bold cheetah-inspired styling details. The aim was  to concentrate on promoting the many features that the New Age XUV500 packed i.e. in all 32 of them!

The Idea

“The website designed was extremely informative while being neat, classy, clutter-free, user-friendly and device compatible. The focus was on the new features of the vehicle, and hence we categorized the features into buckets like – Style, Comfort, Technology, Performance, Safety, and Convenience. A unique HTML 5 website was created, featuring the vehicle upfront. Users could easily get a different perspective of the vehicle just by moving their mouse sideways. We chose to showcase the new Sunset-Orange vehicle in the spotlight so that it blends in well with the adventure route of the campaign, and simultaneously make it look majestic – just like the cheetah!

This was a vertical scroll website, where all main features were put upfront on the homepage, thereby making the user interface easy and simple.”

The Outcome

The website saw a splendid number of 11,42,000 visits in the first week with over 35,000 test-drive enquiries.

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