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A Summary Statement:
Office 365 is a subscription-based online office and software plus services suite, which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform. Through an engaging video, Microsoft wanted to introduce its new product – Office 365 to its partners and give them a lowdown on how the product could benefit their business.

Campaign Background and Marketing Objectives:
Our objective was to create a video that talks to its resellers/partners explaining the benefits of becoming a partner with Microsoft, and how Office 365 can make them earn up to 6 times more margin than any other regular business.

Campaign Strategy
Customers are evolving. To suit their needs, the resellers need to evolve too. Microsoft realised this opportunity and launched Office 365 – a product that is beneficial to both – customers as well as partners. Hence, we had to create one video that explained the benefits and advantage of associating with Microsoft which had to be explained in a colloquial manner.

Campaign Concept
Keeping the target audience in mind, we thought of creating an infographic video using animated storytelling format, visual text and an engrossing voiceover to talk about the concept and the benefits of being a partner with Microsoft Office 365.
Since the video was catering to local vendors and resellers, we used a character called ‘maukaji’ who the resellers could connect to. True to his name, Maukaji always makes the best use of the opportunity provided, and so should the resellers!

Campaign Execution
The video explicitly talks about the benefits of becoming a partner in a unique way. To convey the message, we used minimalistic animation and supported it with facts and figures. A catchy voiceover of Raghuveer Yadav and along with a welcoming mascot helped us communicate the message in a simple yet effective way.

Campaign Results
The video has received over 500 views on YouTube. The video was even showcased to a lot of resellers at dealer meet-ups, and the brand has successfully seen these resellers becoming their official partners.

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