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The Summary Statement
Signature celebrates the fulfillment of one’s unique potential and hence the ability to ‘Make your mark’ and what better way to celebrate this manifesto than with music – the universal language that cuts across gender, boundaries and borders, allowing anyone and everyone with a penchant of creating their own tune to make their mark with India’s top musicians honing their talent.

Campaign Strategy:
Gen Y has a strong desire to express their authentic selves and stand out. This is reflected in the choices they are making based on their own definition of success. The Signature brand manifesto believes we are all made differently, because we are all meant to be different.

From the brand message to product experience, Signature celebrates the fulfillment of one’s unique potential and hence the ability to ‘Make your mark’. Signature’s agenda was clear – a route that inspires you to make your mark on the platform that Gen Y understands – the universal language of music.

Campaign Concept:
Signature believes that celebrating the spirit of artistes who are trying to ‘make their own’ is the perfect way to pay tribute to Signature’s distinct legacy that holds its own.

‘Signature Expressions’ is hence a fitting medium to bring alive this proposition – It is a mentorship programme and platform for musicians and bands with a unique and signature sound to showcase their talent.

To publicise the same and make it more accessible to even amateur musicians, an interactive music application was created that allowed even the less musically inclined a platform to showcase their musical interests by creating their own Signature mix.

Campaign Execution:

  • The ‘MAKE YOUR MUSIC’ application allowed amateur musicians to showcase their mixing talent using pre-loading sound clips that they could mix and match to create their own Signature Tune.
  • The Signature Sound Gallery featured snares, hi-hats, kicks and a variety of sounds ranging from claps to the sound of a tabla and a lot more.
  • Users previewed a clip by hovering the mouse pointer on it and dragged it on the music application timeline to create their own signature unique mix.
  • Once done, a user could share their unique creation on social media platforms to get their friends to listen in.
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