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The Objective

Wipro wanted to create a responsive website that would be the primary source of marketing towards acquiring new talent for them. Revamping the Wipro Careers website in design, site architecture, content and user interface felt like the need of the hour.

The Idea

“We decided to go beyond just eye-grabbing designs and engaging copy for the website. Instead, we put ourselves in the shoes of the target audience who would visit the site – right from a first-jobber or a fresher from college to a seasoned veteran. Key features of the site included:

– Easy access floating banners on the left  were created for job search + sharing the resume social media connectivity are other highlights that enable users to go directly to areas of interest.
– A highly advanced job search was integrated into the system that allowed people to select jobs basis experience, expertise, location and more. In fact this Intelligent job search functionality was embedded through the site.
– An entirely new section was created for a key TG – CAMPUS.
– Usage of iconography, infographics and statistical graphics was seamlessly woven in with textual information to break copy heavy pages and make it more readable and interesting.
– Other key features include video testimonials, a visual walk through of the hiring process, and a help centre with exclusive tips on how to enhance a resume and an insider’s overview of how to put your best foot forward at a Wipro interview.”

The Outcome

The website received a whooping 70,000 resumes over the span of just 5 months.  Wipro experienced a very good hike on page views with visitors spending approximately 150% more time on website pages. The global traffic saw spikes and the visitors from UAE, Singapore and Germany increased significantly. The visits to the website since the Aug 2015 launch has been 384,268 with new visitors being 271,729 till early Jan 2016

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